Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Convention Report

As you have probably forgotten - so shame on you! - "blog" correspondent McNeil lives in Charlotte, where the Democratic National Convention is taking place as we speak. I have asked McNeil to provide relevant reports... what the media AREN'T telling you! McNeil responds: "Yesterday (Labor Day!) the Police Department's Animal Control van stopped in front of my house. A very pleasant woman came to the door and said they had received a complaint that my cat had been attacking (!) the caller's (whiner's!) cat. I have 2 indoor cats, a puny outdoor stray we feed, and her 2 6-week old kittens. The kittens were on the front porch (with their cute innocent faces uplifted) when the pleasant cop arrived so she cooed at them. Anyway, I finally deduced that the evil cat in question is a Siamese cat [not McNeil's - ed.]... As she left, [the cop] said everyone on the 'force' was working 80 hours this week because of the convention... but she was okay with that because she has the following week off - which she was going to spend canning."