Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Like What

You recall how I used to get inspired all the time by inspirational phrases. Inspire is part of their name! Well, inspir. What was I saying? Megan and I are reading the Philip Glass memoir, and he says, "As long as you know what you're doing, nothing much of interest is going to happen." Another thing I've had a chance to read lately is this Henry James book. "'Henrietta is not delicate!' she exclaimed with a certain bitterness." I just want every sentence in a book to be like that. Like what? I don't know. You can't get inside my head. (See also.)

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Here We Are

Well, I stopped "blogging," of course, but I also quit social media, so now I have nothing to do. And occasionally, McNeil will email me about something that reminds me of something else, and you know what? That's a "blog" "post." So it just comes out. Like gravy! That's an ODD COUPLE allusion. Remember in the movie when Oscar tells Felix that he (Oscar) thinks gravy just "comes when you cook the meat"? Oh, Oscar! But that's not why we're here. McNeil sent me a "link" to a news report about a guy who has a silver alien ball from outer space. I'm not going to "link" to it, for valid reasons! But you can easily find out more about the silver alien ball from outer space by googling the guy's name, Jim Marlin, and the word "ball." Or "sphere." The funniest part of the article was "'As I was laying on my back on the floor, I was just mindlessly rubbing my feet on this sphere while I was talking to a friend,' Marlin said." McNeil noted the strangeness in his email, writing, "He was just rubbing the sphere with his foot, like any other Saturday night." Well! The exciting thing was that the article also mentions another family with an alien ball... and I have "blogged" about this other alien ball in the past, thanks to a tip from Lee Durkee. Doubling down on the excitement, McNeil missed that other alien ball when I "blogged" about it in 2015, so it was all new to him! He was like a wide-eyed child in a field of flowers.