Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Succession of Water Beds

It took me all day to work up the energy to tell you I got two emails about orgone boxes this morning. The first came from Megan Abbott, who wrote, "In the latest issue of ELLE magazine (if you haven't read yours yet) [ha ha! -ed.], Erica Jong is interviewed, and recounts for the reporter a recent incident in which an attractive man came to 'hang her art': '[Pointing to a giant crate in the hallway], I said to my cute art hanger: "I could make it into an orgone box." And he said, "What's an orgone box?" I said, "You get in it and you communicate with the different energies. Or you scream. I can't remember which"... I've done everything. I've also had a succession of water beds in my day.'" The next email came from McNeil. It was a "link" to an orgone box factory he wants us to visit. I have a strong feeling this will end up like our plan to go to the Hialeah racetrack, even though, come to think of it, Megan hooked us up with a guy she knew who was living near the racetrack and writing a long piece - a book? - about it. An expert to show us around! But our plans went nowhere. LIKE ALL THE SAD PLANS OF HUMANKIND