Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I forgot to mention the similarity between Elle Fanning's makeup in TWIXT and Jerry Lewis's makeup at the end of THE BIG MOUTH (see also).
I'm not sure it's apparent enough here. Jerry's skin looked a lot paler and the bags under his eyes a lot redder on my TV screen. But I urge you once more to read the article in which I found this frame ("click" here), the most detailed analysis of THE BIG MOUTH you will ever need. Do you need one? And in conclusion, this seems like a good place to mention (ha ha! There is no need to mention this at all) Jerry's braces at the end of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and the implication about his concessions to the monster he has supposedly defeated and also the way - SPOILER ALERT! - Elle Fanning's braces pop off with a comical yet terrifying "SPROING!" when her vampire teeth come out, or did I imagine that?