Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Lineup

Bill Boyle has put together another big NOIR AT THE BAR event. It's tomorrow night at Proud Larry's. The lineup is star-studded and action-packed. Ace Atkins! Jimmy! Derrick Harriell! Mary Miller! Melissa Ginsburg! Tom Franklin! Tyler Keith! Lisa Howorth! And that's not even everybody. Chris Offutt is on the fence, for example. Maybe if we all clap our hands and really believe, he'll appear, like Tinkerbell coming back to life. Everybody is going to read shocking sex things, I guess. Either that or bloody things with blood and stuff. I got nothing. Last time I read about kitty cats. I might read the end of an old story and if I do you will be able to tell it is old because it has MySpace and Laura Bush in it.