Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Fantastic

Bill Taft came back to town! But not to rock and roll. There are more sides to Bill Taft than that! He was here for an academic conference on mass incarceration, you heard me! I went to a thing where Bill and his friend and coworker Sarah discussed their work teaching literature in prison, and I swear I was sitting there feeling guilty about how much I hated teaching. I was like, "I should have done more with my life!" Oh well. Bill and Sarah were inspirational. I even went out and bought a copy of MEASURE FOR MEASURE afterward, from that used book stall I like. I was moved to action! If you want to call that action. And in the second scene a guy named Lucio shows up and I was all, "Who the hell is this guy?" So I looked in the dramatis personae, I think you call it, and it said, "Lucio, a fantastic." And I was like, "What the hell! That doesn't help me at all." Luckily I met Sarah and Bill at City Grocery Bar later, so I was like, "What's a fantastic?" And Sarah said, "A fancy man!" And Bill said, "A fop?" He said, "A dandy?"