Saturday, June 25, 2016

Another Experienced Shakespearean

I'm not "blogging" anymore but of course I have to tell you when Dr. Theresa and I watch the COLUMBO where Johnny Cash is the murderer and in one scene they cut to this very same angle of Johnny Cash and Sorrell Booke about ten or eleven times! Look how Sorrell Booke uncannily looms! Ten or eleven times he looms just so. It should go without saying I'm basing my new "look" on this Sorrell Booke character. Booke is in the Orson Welles bio, doing KING LEAR with Welles and BONANZA's Pernell Roberts, "another experienced Shakespearean." I am happy to report that the Johnny Cash COLUMBO episode holds up just swell. You want Johnny Cash to murder someone new every week just so he and Columbo can keep hanging out.