Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Feel Bad

[Before you read this and get all worked up, it's fine now. We're preserving it because historians of the future will need to know. - ed.] Hey! It looks like some weirdos have hacked my blog and added a bunch of links to shady-looking websites. So please don't click on any of links you see here, even though most of my links are great! But none of them can be trusted right now. I have not put any links in this post, for example, so if any appear, they were placed here by some criminal who is probably just trying to feed his or her family by selling - as far as I can tell - cheap clothes, cigarette lighters and knockoff Pop Tarts. I love you all and will try to fix my blog when I get home from Los Angeles. If I can't fix it I'm just going to delete the whole thing, yes, the whole darn blog, even though I worked on it for ten years and it is the only way I can remember anything that ever happened to me during that time period. So enjoy it while you can, if "enjoy" is the right word. I'm in the very lobby where I once saw Garry Marshall and now he is dead. I was going to link to that very remembrance [like so - ed.] but the post is riddled with suspicious commerce and mysterious links to shady enterprises. I will mention that this very day Kent and I sat in his office and watched Garry Marshall's scene in LOST IN AMERICA for inspiration. Normally I would put a hyperlink on Kent's name and it would be fun for everyone to click on Kent's name and see all the wonderful waggery [like this. - ed.] he has gotten up to over the years. But criminals - and the lax security robots of the Google corporation, I suppose, who make it impossible to speak to a sympathetic human person - have conspired to ruin everything we hold dear. Well, anyway, Donald Trump is running for president and just look what happens.