Saturday, December 10, 2016

Madonna and Clint Eastwood

I was watching DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN and Madonna - or the character Madonna was playing (the Susan in question) - started bippin' and boppin' to her own song - I mean a Madonna song - as she leaned against a jukebox and I was like, WHAT IS THIS? Is this a movie where Madonna exists and also someone who looks and dresses exactly like Madonna exists? It reminded me of that Clint Eastwood movie where Mel Tillis sings a song about Clint Eastwood. Obviously there is a big difference. And big similarities! I don't "blog" anymore but I guess I should "blog" in circumstances like this, when something reminds me of something else I "blogged" about, right? But the main thing is how great John Turturro looks in this movie, I want to look just like him.