Monday, February 19, 2024


Well, it's Presidents' Day, and you know what that means, of course: no work for today in the animation business. At least here in the USA! To our Swedish coworker Hanna, for example, Presidents' Day is nothing but an incomrpehensible travesty on the occasion of which we take away her pens and pencils. Oh, how we love to rib Hanna about Presidents' Day. And by "we," I mean "I." Anyway, one thing is for sure: now I have time to let you know about all the latest updates on the book report that McNeil wrote for school 45 years ago... a story the "blog" has been working to crack since 2012! I've just been sitting on this hot breaking news, waiting for a time like Presidents' Day. I can keep you in suspense no longer! McNeil found his actual, original copy of the book (The Crash of 2086, you've never heard of it) in "a box in the garage crammed between a copy of the movie EXECUTIVE SUITE, and an even older book called 'Never Trust Anyone Over 13.' I paid 62 cents for the Crash book, 29 cents for the 13 book - both from The Book Rack in Skyland Shopping Center." Readers will be excited to learn that the Skyland Shopping Center in Mobile, Alabama, is also where McNeil saw his first liter bottle of Coca-Cola, and it made a huge impression on him, as previously reported on the "blog." We are assuming that the copy of the movie mentioned above is a VHS tape, but clarifications or corrections will be issued as necessary.