Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Jerry Index Check

As you know, my main occupation is standing around in Square Books, checking the index of every new celebrity bio for mentions of Jerry Lewis. Yes, the mighty Jerry concordance is my life's work! Today I checked the autobiography of Judy Collins (nothing!) and a biography of Dave Grohl (ditto!). None in the new Vonnegut bio, either, which I found astounding considering that Jerry was in the film version of one of his books. When I got home, just for a laugh, I checked the index of THE EXEGESIS OF PHILIP K. DICK (purchased at Square Books, natch). It's a little under a thousand pages, and in it, if you don't know, the book flap claims that "Dick documents his eight-year attempt to fathom... a postmodern visionary experience of the entire universe." But what the book flap doesn't tell you is that JERRY IS ACTUALLY IN IT! And I quote: "Dream: I am Jerry Lewis, a contemptible clown, but admired by millions, especially in France." E tu, Philip K. Dick?