Friday, November 04, 2011

The Chicken Files

I am sure you are asking yourself, "Self, what is up with Ace Atkins and Colonel Sanders?" Good question! Ace certainly seems to be dispensing the Colonel Sanders material at a surprising rate. He has gone so far as to suggest FINGER LICKIN' GOOD, the Col.'s 1974 autobiography, as the next selection of the Doomed Book Club. And last night he sent me Colonel Sanders's FBI file in an email with the sensational subject line "The Plot to Kill Colonel Sanders." You may "click" here to see it on the actual FBI "web" site... if you dare! Many paragraphs have been redacted! What strange secrets about Colonel Sanders are we being denied? Allow me to quote from one part of the file, a letter from Colonel Sanders to J. Edgar Hoover, requesting that the latter attend Colonel Sanders's birthday party: "I, of course, will provide all transportation and hotel reservations -- just call on my secretary, Wanda Boner, and tell her when you all will be in town. Hopin to hear from you all soon." He also mentions "celebratin." He really had the persona down pat. And a secretary named Wanda Boner! I am not trying to be "racy," I am just telling you the facts. "I also have more pictures of the Colonel with Jerry Lewis," Ace claimed at City Grocery Bar the other night.