Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Comic Books May Not Be Believable

Here's a line from one of those old comic books I bought: "I'M NOT USUALLY UP AT DAWN... BUT I PROMISED MY CUSTODIAN FRIEND DEXTER MYLES THAT I'D CHECK THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE NEW EXHIBITS HE'S PLACED IN THE FLASH MUSEUM!" That's the Flash talking to himself as he runs down the street at super speed. Which made me wonder: does he talk at super speed too? Because that's a mouthful, and he's running really fast! How could he even finish the sentence before he arrives? And isn't everything about it kind of formal for something you'd say out loud to yourself while you're running down the street? When the Flash gets to the Flash Museum, some guys are robbing it! One says, "HOLD IT... TH' FLASH!" and the other says, "WHY'S HE HERE -- THIS TIME O' DAY?" Ha ha! I love the repeated implication that the Flash is known for lazing around in bed past noon or something.