Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This Is Normal

Hey! Remember how I was reading that memoir by famed comic book writer Grant Morrison, and how surprised and amazed I was when he started all of a sudden talking about his "darker magical operations" and the time he met some angels, or possibly space people, he wasn't sure? And what about the "Golden Age" comic book writer Alvin Schwartz, who met Superman, who was "a creature formed of resplendent talking clay"? All right! Well, people, I just got my June BELIEVER magazine, and there's an interview in there with famed comic book writer Alan Moore, and here, let me quote him for you: "I did have an encounter with something that at least told me it was a demon, and it seemed rude to question that." Don't be rude to a demon! That's my takeaway. Anyway, I guess this is normal for comic book writers! I guess! All right! I am surprised again. (Pictured, the Demon, no relation, a comic book character whom Tom Franklin and I were discussing at lunch just the other day.)