Monday, February 17, 2014

Finalist for a Prestigious Award

Hey remember when Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS showed up on MAD MEN? We were all pretty excited that day! Now recently I have seen Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS on JUSTIFIED and GIRLS, too. That's just plain GIRLS, no GILMORE. What is up with Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS? He is everywhere! Give somebody else a chance, Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS. Just kidding, you're doing great. Keep it up! Doyle from GILMORE GIRLS is on all the prestigious shows, and according to imdb he was "a finalist for the prestigious Irene Ryan award," to which at first I replied "Ha ha ha!" because Irene Ryan was Granny on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, but you know, the more I thought about it (I have not yet "confirmed" this with "internet" "research") Irene Ryan seems like she was the kind of actor who got pigeonholed in one zany TV role but perhaps before that had shown astonishing range, probably onstage. That's my wild guess. I have a very vague memory of being a small child when Irene Ryan was going to be the queen of some parade in Mobile, Alabama (probably a Mardi Gras parade), and we made a trip to that big nearby city to see her. I don't think we saw her. I have a weird feeling I saw a bearded lady and a sword swallower that day. I have the idea that I was like, "Whoa! I'm in over my head!"