Saturday, February 08, 2014


"... like an owl, like a bobcat..." Do I really need to finish typing this simile? Isn't it enough to say that this book about Philip Roth has an owl in it? Hey! Remember how harmless and jolly it seemed when I started listing every book I read that happened to have an owl in it? Ha ha ha wheeeee those were the days. Now it is just a boring, irksome obligation. Everything starts out one way and ends up some other way. And as so often happens, the owl quotation in this case comes from another book. An owl within an owl! What a country. Hey I remember when I was a little kid we used to go get hamburgers at a place called the Bobcat Drive-In. As I recall there was half a terrifying, fascinating real stuffed bobcat leaping out of the wall. That place got torn down when I was still a kid. And there was a regional or local hamburger chain called "Colonel Dixie" (!) about which there was some murder scandal. The hamburgers there were squashed and flat, I think. And the orange drink was flat and tepid. As I recall.