Saturday, November 22, 2014

No One Can Stop Me

Anyway I feel like "blogging" about Jerry Lewis again and who's going to stop me? You? Don't make me laugh. I feel bad for "blogging" about how Jerry seemed to cast ingenues he thought maybe he could boss around (I'm speculating!) because then along comes Kaye Ballard in WHICH WAY TO THE FRONT? and you see what might have been... they have just one short scene together, but she matches Jerry in energy all the way. Surpasses him, even! I suppose a whole movie of that would have been exhausting. Or exhilarating! I guess we'll never know. Anyway, maybe Jerry was getting older and starting to trust himself more. I had some other choice stuff about how Jerry splits himself into four parts in this movie instead of the usual two... but I'm getting tired again. I found this photo at You can email Kaye Ballard there! I close with the entire clip of Dean and Jerry and Bob and Bing of which I offered only the merest hints in an earlier post. McNeil found it and sent it to me a while back and I tweeted it on the twitter. You'll see why Bing got so scared of Jerry and ran away. It's pretty great and fascinating. Would it kill you to watch it?