Thursday, February 26, 2015


Here's part of a paragraph from the "Cry-Babies" section of that book: "Other local terms for crying are: babbling (Whitehaven), blabbing (Lydney), blabbling (Derby), blabbering (Isle of Ely), blahing or blarting (Birmingham, Hanley, Wolverhampton), blaring (Norwich), bleating (Birmingham), moaning (the general term in Liverpool), and slobbering (Rochdale)." The paragraph continues for quite a while. I'll pick it up at the end: "In Scotland, as well as 'bubblin,' they speak of 'girnin' and, of course, 'greetin,' hence epithets like 'girnie bubbler,' 'girnie gowk,' and 'greetin-faced teenie.'" There's even more after that, but I just wanted to get "greetin-faced teenie" in there. I wonder what they thought of Paul Blart in Wolverhampton, ha ha ha, oh boy, are you with me?