Friday, February 13, 2015

Lone Star Story

John Brandon was working on a book - I can't remember which one - and his editor (Eli Horowitz) said he should watch the great movie LONE STAR to help him out. So John Brandon came over here to the house and we re-watched LONE STAR. And afterward I was like, "Why did Eli want you to watch LONE STAR?" And John thought about it and said, "... I don't know." But it was good! We agreed on that. John just couldn't figure out which part was supposed to fix his book. Here's the thing, though: Maggie Renzi, producer of LONE STAR and so many other truly iconic and truly independent movies, is coming to town. She's one of the last of the independent filmmakers. I mean, she doesn't take no guff from nobody, see. I'm not kidding. She'll show some clips from her distinguished career and talk about how to make good movies at 6:30 on Thursday the 19th, over in the Bryant building on campus (not Overby, as I first dumbly reported). Bryant! That's where to go. I think that's the nice building with the big globe in it. You'll find it! John Currence is making food and drinks for the reception following. Mingle around the big globe with Maggie Renzi! It would be the dumbest mistake of your life to miss it.