Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Hit Song

Kelly Hogan sang a whole new song in my dream last night. And I still remember it! There's not much to it. It just goes, "I was born to break up with you," over and over, kind of to the tune of "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke. When it becomes a big hit just remember I wrote it in my sleep. Melissa Ginsburg and I (in my dream) were in a church where Hogan was singing this song, and Melissa was like, "Go talk to Michael Kupperman! He's by himself and he's CRYING." So I went to the pew where Michael was sitting, only it wasn't him. It was a tweedy old man! With a cane! And the old man wasn't crying. In fact, he was grinning intensely and seemed eager to chat. I was like, "Melissa, that's not Michael Kupperman!" And she was like, "Well, his hat fooled me." But he WASN'T WEARING A HAT.