Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Repeating Myself

Just proofread my forthcoming 100-page nonfiction book about cigarette lighters (!?!) for the final time (?) and within 100 pages I use the word "eponymous" twice (I think, or did I fix that? probably not) and "witty" twice and "charming" or its adverbial form twice. Twice is a lot when you're talking about 100 pages. I even recall that I changed "lively" to "witty" that first time because there were too many "livelys." But now there are too many "wittys"! But this is the point where you're just... eh. I can live with this. So forgive me. And the way I use "witty" the first time sounds contextually condescending to Hal Needham and, indeed, the entire stuntman profession, which I didn't intend. "Lively" would have been better! I should have gone back and changed the OTHER "lively," wherever it was. Where was it? Is it still there? I can't look. And I call one thing "charmingly written" and I'm pretty sure that's not accurate the more I think about it. It's a history of optometry for the layman, ha ha! How can that be "charmingly written"? No, I've thought about it, and it probably IS charmingly written, for what it is. No it's not. Anyway, none of the words make sense anymore. On the plus side, here are some neat sculptures by the Danish artist Rose Eken. David Swider told me about them and I talk about them in the book.