Friday, November 06, 2015

Literary Matters

Welcome once again to "Literary Matters," the worst thing on the "internet." Today's entry will exclusively concern literary drama of the fanciest pedigree! So brace yourself. 1. Email from McNeil, titled "keepin' ya fresh," which I quote here in full: "As I was thumbing through AS YOU LIKE IT (which sounds exactly like a line from your blog), I ran across the title of a text in a footnote that sounds right up your alley: PAGAN MYSTERIES IN THE RENAISSANCE by Edgar Wind." McNeil is right, of course, and he certainly knew that I'd have a lot of fun imagining all the witty quips Edgar Wind's friends must have made about his name all the time. I haven't even looked up the actual Edgar Wind yet, but I do hope so very much that he was a contemporary and confidante of Granville Squiers, author of SECRET HIDING PLACES. 2. Here's a great story! I was trying to read a Chekhov play and I said out loud, "I need a scorecard to keep up with these people!" And of course there IS a scorecard at the beginning of every play, a list of all the characters and just who they are. Ha ha, that wasn't a great story.