Monday, March 13, 2023

It's Over

It is only fair to mention that my sister beat my head in, 16-5, in our annual Oscar guessing contest. We both claim to know nothing about the Oscars, and I think it is clear that at least one of us is telling the truth. That must be my lowest count of correct guesses ever! But we'll never know for sure, because at some point I stopped recording the scores out of shame. I was curious to know exactly when I began losing interest in the Oscars, which I watched every year since 1973, until last year when I just... stopped. And of course I missed the big brouhaha! But I didn't learn my lesson, and I skipped it again this year, but I don't think any big brouhahas occurred. Anyway ("click" here for confirmation), imagine my surprise upon discovering that my interest in the Oscars has been very, very slowly fading for ten miserable years now.