Saturday, March 03, 2012

Dusty Accordion Thrills

Dig this crazy action shot as I lay down some blistering accordion riffs. That's right! I got to play two songs with Jon Langford last night. It was fun! Right there onstage was the first time I'd opened the accordion case since we moved here almost five years ago - I thought it was going to be like the end of KISS ME DEADLY, ha ha, that's one for you film buffs, gee I hate myself. The first song went great because it had two chords - and bongo-banging Barry B. and I had once played it with Jon under our stage names "The Wizard and the Elf" - but the second one had three chords - THREE! - and I was in some trouble. I hit the wall! But I bluffed my way through. Afterward I was covered in some strange accordion dust, sort of rusty and crumbly, and I think something came out of the accordion and bit me. Jon was just terrific and it was great to see him. Photo by my neighbor Mr. Lonesome, who brought sweet mandolin goodness as the opening act.