Friday, July 27, 2012

Ducks On Parade

Friday is request day on the classical music station and you know what that means! All the creakiest old worn-out chestnuts in the repertoire. A bombastic little number was playing while Dr. Theresa and I were on the way to the optometrist. It sounded like it might need some lyrics, which I supplied: "Here they come! Over the hill! Ducks on parade! Ducks on parade!" "Do you have to do that?" Dr. Theresa inquired. "Yes," I explained. While I waited for the eye doctor I thumbed through some issues of BEE CULTURE - a magazine for beekeepers! I'll tell you who is a major advertiser in BEE CULTURE: Blue Sky Bee Supply of Hiram, Ohio. I don't know, it sounded like such a nice place to work and I daydreamed about it. One issue of BEE CULTURE contained a mini-catalog for Blue Sky Bee Supply, and I was happy to see models employed in showing off various beekeeper outfits. That seemed like a job I could handle, too - not beekeeping, just modeling the outfits.