Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Great Ascot Chase

Watched the first few minutes of the Paul Anka voyeurism movie. It starts with a woman lounging around in shiny pants. "Look at her crazy pants!" said Dr. Theresa. "That's just what Paul Anka is doing," I replied. And sure enough, there was Paul Anka, crouching in the shadows. He wrote the title song and sings it in a piercing, high-pitched whine: "I look in any window/ I walk by any open door/ To see if someone will love me/ Love me forever more." That's the whole song! Just four lines. No chorus or anything. That's some short song. Then the credits start. After the credits, Paul Anka creeps through the bushes. Paul Anka scrambles onto a roof. Paul Anka startles the neighbors by throwing rocks into their swimming pool. He's standing on the roof wearing a really creepy mask! Down below, Jack Cassidy is wearing an ascot! Seems like Jack Cassidy was always wearing an ascot, doesn't it? Jack Cassidy chases Paul Anka but Paul Anka gets away. Now Paul Anka is eating an apple so I thought I would come in here and type this up.