Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rare Dramatic Role

So I sat down with a bowl of leftover noodles to watch the Paul Anka voyeurism movie (!) I dvr'd from TCM. It's called LOOK IN ANY WINDOW (!!). In Robert Osborne's intro to the movie, he cited its "rare dramatic role" for Paul Anka and noted that LOOK IN ANY WINDOW costars Micky Dolenz's father! But best of all he said that Paul Anka sings the title song to LOOK IN ANY WINDOW over the opening credits. Well, I was just too excited to go on. I was eating lunch and thinking about what songs to play for my big DJ set at The End of All Music, and I didn't feel I could give the proper amount of concentration to LOOK IN ANY WINDOW, which would be one billion percent of my concentration. So I'm saving it for later. It has potential to go either way. Will LOOK IN ANY WINDOW be awesome like BEAT GIRL or a dud like MARDI GRAS starring Pat Boone? That remains the central question of our times.