Saturday, June 02, 2012

No Easy Thing

I was at Off Square Books yesterday, where they sell the used books. I saw an old paperback titled SIR SCOUNDREL and I thought, Ha ha ha! They wanted three whole bucks for it and normally that's my kind of impulse buy, but not having money solves little problems like that so I borrowed a pen and a piece of scrap paper from Adam, the guy behind the counter, and jotted down the first sentence of SIR SCOUNDREL: "It is no easy thing to wake suddenly with a mouth full of moldering black earth and know that you are being buried alive." And I was like, "This guy is right! That IS no easy thing." After that there are a few more paragraphs in which the narrator describes being buried alive and then a paragraph that starts, "Until now it had been a time for rejoicing." Ha ha ha! Yes, being buried alive will put a crimp in your rejoicing every time. Oh, Sir Scoundrel! Truly you have jested your way into my heart.