Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TV Time!

Hey you know what's on TV right now? A rerun of THE WALTONS. It's about poltergeist activity at the Walton house! In case you don't remember THE WALTONS, it was not usually about poltergeists. It was about, "Land sakes! What will I do with this extra loaf of bread I baked?" But this episode is about poltergeists! Mrs. Walton reads about poltergeists from a big book to a skeptical Mr. Walton. And then a rag doll stands up on its own legs while the wind blows eerily! Last night I happened to see a small portion of a reality show about Sarah Palin's daughter. That is something else appearing on television. From what I understood, Sarah Palin's daughter had moved to Los Angeles, where, according to Sarah Palin's daughter's voiceover, there are people from "all walks of life." For some reason, the producers or editors of the show thought it would be great to cut to footage of a breakdancer to illustrate people from "all walks of life." Ha ha! Then Sarah Palin's daughter said, "It's super scary here."