Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kelly Hogan Is Frank Sinatra

PLEASE NOTE: Despite the title of this "post," the nice man and lady pictured above are not Kelly Hogan and Frank Sinatra. Now that Hogan's album has finally come out officially and actually in the real world where we all really live in reality today I can talk about it all the time and tell you of all its many delightful hidden tantalizing secrets and sparkling golden nuggets of intriguing celestial mystery without getting in trouble from "the man." Like I can tell you that on one song (written for her by M. Ward), Hogan sings in character AS Frank Sinatra. And that song has maybe my favorite couplet on the whole record: "Playing dominoes with some princess in France/ French francs falling out of my pants." That's some couplet! Maybe it's the way Hogan sings it. It sounds good. The words sound good and it sounds good the way she sings it plus it just sounds like a good situation. This is all the more interesting given Hogan's ambivalent attitude toward Sinatra as first reported here on the very "blog" you see before you with your very own eyes that God gave you. Immediately after I heard that song of Hogan's I became powerfully moved to start listening to 1980s Frank Sinatra recordings, and that is how I found out that the first line of Hogan's song was inspired (I assume) by the first line of that weird Frank Sinatra devil song I told you about before. Now, as demanded by the government, I am supposed to mention that I received a free advance recording of this wonderful record I LIKE TO KEEP MYSELF IN PAIN by Kelly Hogan - now available at a store near you! Speaking of stores near you, I was at The End of All Music the other day and came across a 50s (I think) LP entitled EVERY INCH A SAILOR, which struck me as hilarious for some reason, and it had a song on it entitled Guantanamo Bay, but I still didn't buy it - I'm getting pretty good at not buying things.