Friday, June 01, 2012

"Blog" Mail "Bag"

Time once again to check the old "Blog" Mail "Bag" and see what's going on inside there. Looks like my brother-in-law David has sent me an article ("click" here) about elves being relocated from their home in a boulder. In case you were wondering, an Icelandic government official is in charge of the move, natch! To quote the ICELAND REVIEW: "the elves will travel in a basket lined with sheep skin so that they can be comfortable on the journey." Okay! And speaking of Megan Abbott and Bob Hope (not that they are elves! We were speaking of them yesterday), Megan writes to let me know that the legendary film critic Manny Farber had very nice things to say about Bob's performance in OFF LIMITS. She's going to send more details later. All right! This has been another edition of "Blog" Mail "Bag." Have a great day! I love you!