Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bubble Gum Gas Leak

I bought this LP (above) at The End of All Music on Sunday. Jimmy, who was working, played it for me in the store and I think there was a gas leak. We were entranced and giddy! I can't remember laughing so hard in a while. In wonder, not mockery! Gas leak. We couldn't stop laughing. RIGHT NOW I am listening to "Bubble-ee Bubble-ee Bubble Gum," the lead-off track on side 2. Sample lyrics: "Bubble-ee bubble-ee gum dah-di-ah-dah-doo." And "Bubble-ee Bubble-ee Bubble Gum, I love you 'deed I do." And "Call my baby Bubble Gum." And "Every time I kiss her bubbly lips [!!!- ed.] my heart does flippity-flop." They give their home address on the back of the record (21 Charles Street, Hicksville, Long Island) but according to "internet" "research" they are presently in "rural Arkansas" ("Jim and I have very different lives and pursuits," writes John, which makes me melancholy for some reason.) Now I am listening to a song that goes, "She looks like her/ She talks like her/ And believe it or not/ She walks like her." I am not sure why if she looks and talks like her it would be so incredibly hard to believe she walks like her. A tang of desperation to the album title? TEENAGERS LOVE THE TWINS JIM AND JOHN sounds squarely (in all senses) addressed to the parents, and likely to drive away discriminating teens. The song titles are generally demanding and aggressive, belying the sweetness of the delivery: "Give Me Your Picture" - "You Know You Love It" - "I Want a Girl" - "Together Forever." And this one is for Jon Host (he knows why and so do you): The singer, asking to be given "one more chance," is reassured thusly by the background singers: "I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I will I really will really will."