Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot News From Chicago

At last! Our friend Judge is back with another installment of the exclusive "blog" series "Hot News From Chicago." Judge stalks the streets of Chicago, looking for hot news - in photographic form! She calls this beauty "Scary Gyros." But not all the hot news is from Chicago all the time. For example, don't forget I am going to "DJ" at The End of All Music today, right here in Oxford, Mississippi. My "set" starts at "two o'clock." Speaking of "hot," today's high is supposed to be 104, so come watch my records melt as part of the spectacle. The friendly folks at The End of All Music are having a big record sale today, too. But take your purchases straight home! Don't leave them in the car while you run in the grocery store for a couple of things. It's hot! To read more about me being hot, "click" here for the time I got hot in Arizona. Hot!