Thursday, November 01, 2012

Famous Fish Pix

Hey yeah but look here, Pendleton Ward, creator of ADVENTURE TIME, drew me again, this time with the fish that Rachel and SKIN MAG the human literary magazine gave me when they moved to Mexico to express their love, only guess what, they moved to China instead! That's what somebody told me at City Grocery Bar the other night. I have lost touch with them completely and cannot tell them about this artistic sketch of their former pet. I am always spending long portions of valuable professional video-conferencing time talking about the fish, yes, that's right, I am doing some work for ADVENTURE TIME, why was I trying to keep that a secret? Maybe I kind of thought it was supposed to be a secret. Don't ask me. Anyway, it can't be a secret, can it? With this picture of the fish and me out there? I could and should and will take this opportunity to make sure you understand that Pendleton Ward is NOT the "Mr. Ward" to whom I often refer on the "blog." I have never met Pendleton Ward in actual person. My old friend, the "blog's" "Mr. Ward," has the FIRST name Ward, not the last name Ward. I don't even recall why I started to call my friend Ward "Mr. Ward" on the "blog." Was it to protect his identity? That was stupid.