Wednesday, November 14, 2012

William Henry Harrison

Hey it was warm on Friday and I went out in short sleeves then later in the evening it was cooler and I never put on a jacket and I got sick - not McNeil sick, but pretty sick. Is that how getting sick works? Isn't that what happened to William Henry Harrison? Look it up! But at 2 or 3 in the morning, not yet knowing I was sick, I found myself awake and I turned on TCM and something called BURN, WITCH, BURN was coming on and I heard Dr. Theresa stirring around so I said, "Get up! There's something called BURN, WITCH, BURN coming on!" So Dr. Theresa said, "Pause it!" Dr. Theresa said, "What if I make coffee and eggs and tortillas and we watch BURN, WITCH, BURN? We can sleep all day tomorrow if we want!" All of that sounded like the best idea ever. BURN, WITCH, BURN is all about college professors using witchcraft to get tenure! I think there were some sly allusions to Shirley Jackson. And then a giant stone eagle comes to life and chases a dude down the halls of academia. But afterwards I was exhausted. That's not what coffee is supposed to do! Turns out I was sick with a virus all weekend and even had to miss class on Monday and gee I always give my students such a hard time when they don't drag themselves to class and I guess I should have learned a valuable lesson about what a jerk I am but I didn't, no, I'm still a jerk.