Monday, April 01, 2013

Mr. Gentleman

I have not gone to Hollywood yet, if that's what you - if you exist, which I doubt - were worrying about! No, I just haven't thought of anything worth "blogging" about lately, which is kind of astonishing considering some of the stuff I have "blogged" about. I mean, I saw a few minutes of a movie called SNOWBOARD ACADEMY, and it reminded me of KING LEAR, what with Joe Flaherty dividing up his ski resort amongst his offspring (pictured) and Jim Varney as a stand-up comedian who functions as the "king's" sidekick and fool. But I covered that in short order on twitter, an appropriately puny venue for my anemic observations. And then what? I got to a few more pages of THE LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON and discovered that Boswell had a friend named Mr. Gentleman. I thought that was funny, but it is probably not. And THE MISSOURI BREAKS was on TV last night and one of the characters quoted Samuel Johnson. Is it too early to start drinking?