Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faulkner Time!

Went to Faulkner's house today with Pen and Kent... Bill Griffith was an amazing host as always, plus he turns out to be a huge ADVENTURE TIME fan, so he and Pen and Kent (photo by me!) had a lot to talk about. Bill had fascinating questions and theories about ADVENTURE TIME, which he magically bent until they came back to Faulkner. Bill even said that Faulkner would have loved ADVENTURE TIME... I don't know. He tried to enlist me in support of that idea, but I couldn't make myself say it, even though Bill has some intricate and compelling hypotheses - which I am not at liberty to divulge here! - about Faulkner's secret love of television. But somehow, indirectly, Bill's notions reminded me of my reckless theory, which I bandied about with absolutely no supporting evidence in my scary story class last semester, that Lovecraft might have had some influence on Faulkner, or maybe the other way around, and Bill confirmed that Faulkner had some Lovecraft books in his library! Which proves nothing, but still. And then when we were walking outside after the wonderful tour, Bill pointed out an enormous, glistening rat snake slithering across Faulkner's porch! Enormous! Kent and Pen took out their phones to get a picture but they weren't quite fast enough for the rat snake, big and ponderous as it was.