Monday, September 23, 2013

The Gallery of My Head

FIRST! I need you to comprehend that the photo at the bottom of the previous "post" is NOT a bowl of lettuce, as Dr. Theresa understandably thought the first time she saw it. Looking at it in the light of morning, I can see why she thought that. But no, it is simply half a head of lettuce, naked as God made it, resting on a plate, like a boat upon calm waters. Next, here is that picture of my head by Tom Herpich. Apologies to Tom: I was trying at first very hard not to wrinkle or fold his nice picture, but the necessities of travel dictated otherwise. If you enjoy this picture of my head, you may want to "click" here or here to get started on your magical journey through pictures of me and my head, its peculiar curves and bulges so irresistible to the artists of our time. Speaking of galleries, ha ha (the place where the people sit and bid on items is called the "gallery" - that is the one interesting fact from my upcoming magazine article I am going to let "leak" - or wait, are the people themselves the "gallery"? They shouldn't let me write magazine articles) here (below) is the very spot where the Bob Hope auction took place. A Phyllis Diller auction took over on Sunday, and though I was flying home, I talked Verdell (who took this photo) into going. (Never mind, there is no photo below; "instagram" will not let me nab it. Maybe Verdell will email it to me later.) I can't tell you what happened to her at the Phyllis Diller auction because that's going in my article too. Okay, she stepped on some sandwich meat.