Thursday, September 05, 2013

Whistling Benchley

Hey! I have to tell you something super important about one of our cats, so drop everything and shut up. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the cat who loves the sound of whistling and does amazing tricks when said whistling occurs. Recently that cat embarrassed me during an ADVENTURE TIME meeting when she jumped up on my chair here in Mississippi and everyone saw her in Los Angeles - but that is not the embarrassing part (the "link" shows the same cat in a different meeting) - and I told them to start whistling and watch what happened and everybody started whistling for the entertainment of the cat but nothing happened because the cat didn't care. And though that might be the embarrassing part THAT'S NOT THE IMPORTANT PART. See, I had forgotten that the cat loves the sound of real human in-person whistling but has never enjoyed fake whistling by some reproduction of someone on some dumb screen somewhere. Cats are all about reality and the real thing, man. Cats can tell the difference! UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Robert Benchley started whistling in a movie on TCM. I believe he was giving us a snatch of Mendelssohn. And the cat was really into it! REALLY INTO IT! Robert Benchley broke through. Across the boundless sands of time and even scoffing at death itself, the late Robert Benchley and his magic puckered ghost lips of destiny whistled to our cat with a seductive trill and our cat was there to heed the call. (See also.)