Saturday, December 30, 2006


Opened up the old turntable today - it gave me the idea of starting a regular feature where I'll be recommending the finest in vinyl recordings from thirty years ago. That should come in handy! And right now there's an open call for suggestions as to the title of this series. Puns on the word "groove" are encouraged, but not mandatory. Anyway, in today's dig through the olden crates I came across a couple of records in the "Turnabout Chamber Music Series." As I recall, these were extremely cheap records back when I was a teenaged gink. Perhaps my memory is playing tricks but I recall them as being half the price of other records. In any case, they introduced me to music that remains among my favorite to this day, like the Mozart Quintet for Piano and Winds and the speed-freaky Mendelssohn Octet. Of course, over the years, as I've grown "mod," I've bought the Mozart and the Mendelssohn on "CD." But I've never run across the weirdly jaunty (for Beethoven) Serenade for Flute, Violin, and Viola anywhere else but that good old slab of vinyl from the Turnabout Chamber Music Series. Jump in a time machine and get yours today!