Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Retroactive Subtitle Enhancement

The title of the recent edition of McNeil's Movie Korner should have read, in full, "McNeil's Movie Korner: Petticoat Rebellion." See? That would have been a humorous play on words because in the past, organized political actions of groups of women - such as the "Cassette girls," who, in 1704, refused to marry any of the American colonists they encountered, though they had been brought over for just such a purpose - have been called "petticoat rebellions" by historians and sociologists with a populist streak. So it would have been a blithesome play on words and O! how you would have laughed and laughed to see it. We regret the omission. In the future, we vow to put 100% effort into our subtitles, which are just as important, in their way, as the titles which precede them.