Wednesday, December 13, 2006

McNeil's Movie Korner: Lunar Slugfest Letdown

Welcome to our regular feature, "McNeil's Movie Korner". It's a sobering Korner today, folks, as Jeff McNeil makes a bleak assessment - in part, at least - of WAY... WAY OUT. "They had the set-up for what I thought could be one of the funniest scenes in movie history," reports McNeil. "Jerry Lewis and Dick Shawn in a fist fight on the moon." McNeil indicated that the prospect was made all the more tantalizing, in a comedic sense, by the bulky space outfits and bulbous helmets in which Mr. Lewis and Mr. Shawn were forced to dress prior to their battle. The actual fight was a disappointment, according to McNeil, a waste of comic possibilities. "Jerry just tries to hit him three times and then they go back inside," McNeil complains. The ending of the screenplay likewise left him nonplussed. "It was like they just ran out of paper," he says.