Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Ekberg Objection

Wow! Doesn't that sound like the title of a Robert Ludlum novel? Ha ha ha! Where do I come up with this stuff? Amazing! "The Ekberg Objection"! Whoooooo! What a card. Robert Ludlum? Oh boy! Great reference, Pendarvis. You're a marvel. Whoopee! But seriously. McNeil is upset because I didn't weave together every possible thread of coincidence in a recent edition of "McNeil's Movie Korner." I should have mentioned, for the sake of completeness, that Anita Ekberg appeared in both CALL ME BWANA and WAY... WAY OUT. I hope that this clears up any confusion and gives solace to those in distress. Gosh, what a load off my mind. Hey, this is what I do all day long, folks.