Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I meant to tell you: We bought a new calendar today. It turns out that the discounts I bragged about can be obtained, in some quarters, as early as the day after Christmas. If you had taken my original advice, you might have missed out on some spectacular calendar the dream of which would have had you kicking yourself forever. Like, what if you were at your friend's house and you said, "Where did you get that calendar?" And your friend said, "At the Calendar Store." And you said, "But I went to the Calendar Store on Jan. 2nd and I didn't see that awesome calendar." And then your friend might say, "I bought the last one on Dec. 26th." And you would be like, "I guess you paid full price!" And your friend would say, "Nope. Half off, baby!" And you would say, "No way!" And your friend would dig out the receipt, which he had saved for tax purposes, and show it to you. And you would be like, "Man!" And you would secretly harbor a grudge for me within your heart for all the bad advice I gave you. Well, that's today's "blogging" tip: Check things out for yourself. P.S.: The calendar theme in the Pendarvis Building this year is "Magazine Ads from the 1950s." They amuse us because we do not live in the 1950s!