Friday, December 15, 2006

Handy Travel Tips

Need a clean restroom while you're riding down our nation's interstate system? You could hardly do better than the Chick Fil-A at the Oxford, Alabama exit on I-20. Scrupulous! And if fast food is all you have time for, that particular Chick Fil-A is almost preternatural in the efficiency of its service. Or try The Original Frosty Mug on Highway 78. But you won't be able to eat their sandwiches while driving. Too abundant! Plus they have peanut butter milkshakes. It's barely more than a little hut nestled in a shady crook of the road. Just sit in your car. It's too cold at the little picnic tables overlooking the river. And the unnerving sound of walnuts or something striking the awning over your head will drive you mad. Mad, I tell you! You'll be shellshocked, and there's no telling what will happen after that! And there are chickens walking around your feet. Chickens! Lots of live chickens. Some people probably find that colorful. Good for them! The variety and quality of the fast food sandwiches at The Original Frosty Mug is commendable and the fries are so nice and hot they will burn the roof of your mouth right off. I mean that in a good way. This is the first in our series of handy travel tips for the handy traveler.