Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Blog"pocalypse Now

While interest in the "blog" languishes at an all-time low, it may be the perfect time for me to try to switch over to the new "blogging" set-up that the "computer" people require. I would explain it, but I don't understand it. All I know is, I have been notified by the "blogspot" people that I can't be happy anymore. I have to discard a perfectly good "blog" set-up, with which I have become passingly familiar, and switch over to something that will probably destroy the "blog" forever. But it's to help me! That's what the people at the "blogspot" say! They love me! They are only making me suffer for my own good, they explain. So I'm going to try to do what they say because, according to my understanding, I have no choice. The "blog" will certainly disappear otherwise. And it may disappear now! Goodbye forever, perhaps. Remember me!