Friday, December 22, 2006

Two More Chances

We have a good report on the success of the Christmas panto, from no less an authority than Sally Timms - no pushover, she. Also most forthright. And though she directed the show herself, she can be counted on for unvarnished truth always, in all things. "We had two days of rehearsal," Sally writes, "and frankly they were pretty ropey, but on the night all went right. The little sets looked beautiful, the pirates were fantastic, Kelly and Jon were perfect. It was all pitched so right, low-brow and high-brow combined in a primitive little show." Does this sound good to you, "blog" friends? It sounds perfect to me! So get down to The Hideout, two more nights only. Here we see some of the cast. That's Jon Langford as Mrs. Hammerhead and Kelly Hogan as Cap'n Skate. Tim Tuten, one of the owners of The Hideout, pictured in red kerchief, also plays a key role. I can only assume that the sweet and forlorn maiden with blue hair is the titular "Catfish Girl." I realize that there is a hint of "raciness," which we usually eschew here at the "blog," in the photo, but it's all in the ribald yet family-friendly panto spirit.