Monday, December 18, 2006

Plastic Man Consideration

Oh. One last thing before I go. Tom Franklin has very thoughtfully submitted some speculations on the subject of Plastic Man and a "sexy nuclear scientist" for possible use on the "blog." Despite the obvious time and effort, and the undeniable friskiness and joie de vivre of Mr. Franklin's writing, not to mention the fact that Plastic Man is far and away one of our favorite comic book characters, we are afraid that Mr. Franklin - as bold a stylist as you might ever wish to encounter - has crossed a line over which the "blog" is not quite willing to follow. All we feel comfortable in saying is that toward the end of Mr. Franklin's interesting scenario, Plastic Man's head has been reduced to the size of a thimble and his famous goggles fall off. "It's the only time in the whole movie," Mr. Franklin writes (for he has cast his speculation in the form of a movie "pitch"), "that we see his eyes (like when John Belushi shows Carrie Fisher his eyes unsunglassed near the end of The Blues Brothers)." Charming, we admit! And the neologism unsunglassed is beautiful - pure Franklin! But this is a "blog" for the tender of sensibility and we must leave the rest to your various imaginations. Suggested reading: the compellingly written biography of Plastic Man's creator, JACK COLE AND PLASTIC MAN by Art Spiegelman, with eyepopping design by Chip Kidd. Suggested listening: "How I Wrote Elastic Man" by The Fall, because I think he's saying "Plastic Man" in the chorus, despite the title. That being said, I have nothing against Elastic Man, I'm sure he's very nice.