Friday, December 08, 2006


Okay, I got home from the trip and turned on the TV, which was still tuned to TCM. I immediately recognized the movie: FITZWILLY. Now this is probably not a good movie. This is a movie so probably bad that Jeff McNeil makes fun of my soft spot for it. JEFF MCNEIL! The man who OWNS a copy of HOW TO COMMIT MARRIAGE! Well, the mere sight of FITZWILLY put me into one of those trances that I stole from Proust: I remembered when I was eleven years old, writing down the names of all the movies I wanted in my private screening room when I got rich (this was before anyone could even imagine a VCR). Anyway, FITZWILLY was literally at the top of the list. I don't know why. Maybe because Dick Van Dyke played a master thief, and it had Barbara Feldon in it, whose role in GET SMART was giving me some of my earliest feelings of romantic love or something. I'm not a psychiatrist! All I know is, as a young man I loved movies about jewel theft (THE HOT ROCK, for example) and pickpockets and bank robberies and safecracking. Look, this is what a "blog" is, I'm sorry. It's some guy watching TV and telling you about it. Oh, one more thing. The scene I happened to see featured a very young Sam Waterston. Then, when I happened to flip over to NBC, I saw present-day Sam Waterston in LAW & ORDER. So I had some fun for awhile, flipping back and forth between teenage-looking Sam Waterston and the other Sam Waterston. It seemed important. What is wrong with me? I seem to have a "thing" about movies and the illusion of eternal youth. Oh, baby! This is the "bloggiest"!