Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Was Sagt Der Da?

Today I had to walk to both the bank and the post office, and yes, my trusty pen came in mighty handy. So did my "iPod," which I dusted off for the rather long amble. I was able to listen to almost an entire opera. I'd like to recommend the recording to you: a recent one, I think, of Richard Strauss' DAPHNE, with Renee Fleming in the title role. About the time they get to "Furchtbare Shmach dem Gotte!" they're really cranked up. The shepherds are all, "Was sagt der da? Der eitle Fremde?" And Apollo is like, "Whatever! Get out of my face!" And the shepherds are like, "Them's fighting words!" Oh boy! It makes your hair stand up at the post office. Check it out.